Our Blooming Story


Blooming Blends offers a collection of award-winning herbal tinctures.
Fusing ancient plant wisdom with modern methods, each herbal tincture is a blend of active herbs to help support moments of need.

Made in small batches in the wilds of the English countryside, our tinctures are extracted in an ALCOHOL-FREE formulation.  You will find no hidden nasties, synthetics vitamins or minerals, or artificial preservatives in our tinctures.

The mission driving Blooming Blends is to promote the amazing world of herbs and tinctures. 
We have tried to make our blends simple, easy to understand and taste delicious so that everyone can enjoy their herbal wonders and benefits.


Hello, I am Fleur. 

I’m originally a cook by trade.  For eight years I had a lovely food delivery business, providing freshly prepared meals for new mums and dads.  Whilst learning about the most supportive foods for new mothers, I developed a love and understanding for herbs and their powerful properties to help our bodies to adapt and balance.

This led me to discover the wonderful world of herbal tinctures. 

I totally fell in love with this traditional, ancient way of taking herbs and I couldn’t believe how quick and easy tinctures are to take.  And the big bonus,  I didn’t have to swallow a massive pill!

As I started to dive deeper into tinctures, I found that in the UK their usage was limited, with little provided information and I felt that tinctures were not very approachable.  A light bulb went on within me, and I decided I wanted to change this and create my own tincture blends with attractive, easy to understand packaging and to make tinctures taste delicious.  

And so Blooming Blends was born in 2018.
Started at my kitchen table, I am very proud to say we have grown into a genuine brand, providing beautiful herbal tinctures that help support us in our moments of need.